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Normal size of prostate in grams,

All animals survived until termination.

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Body weight and weight changes: effects observed, treatment-related Description incidence and severity : Although not statistically identified, body weights of the high-dose males on test day 33 were slightly decreased 5. Body weights of the mid- and low-dose males were not different from controls.

Krónikus prosztatitisz erekciós probléma

Lactation body weights in the high dose group were significantly decreased on LD 1 and 4. Consistent with body weight effects during gestation, high-dose dams had normal size of prostate in grams body weight gains during gestation which were statistically identified on GDas well as decreased overall gain throughout the gestation period.

Prostate Size and Cancer

Lactation body weight gains, although decreased in test substance treated animals, were not considered treatment related due to the lack of statistical difference and the normal variability inherent in this endpoint during lactation control lactation body weight gains range was There were no significant differences in the amount of feed consumed by any of the dose groups when compared to their respective controls during the lactation period.

Haematological findings: no effects observed Description incidence and severity : There were no treatment-related hematologic effects, or effects on coagulation in males or females at any dose level.

The increases in serum ALP activity correlated with histological observation of panlobular hepatocyte hypertrophy.

normal size of prostate in grams

Although frank hepatocyte necrosis was not observed, increased ALT activity may be associated with sublethal hepatocyte injury. Additionally, serum electrolytes and creatinine levels were largely unaffected indicating normal renal function.

Infection causes inflammation. Urine then gets trapped.

While majority of the control urine samples were within the pH range of 7. This lowering of urinary pH gyomorfájás hasmenés considered to be due to probable urinary excretion of acidic metabolite s of the test substance.

normal size of prostate in grams

Behaviour functional findings : no effects observed Description incidence and severity : No treatment-related effects on behavior or demeanor were observed at any dose level during the lactation period. There were no notable observations made during the cageside observations.

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Regarding sensory Evaluation, examinations performed on males and females at termination revealed no treatment-related findings. Regarding rectal temperature, no treatment related effects.

normal size of prostate in grams

Hypertrophy of the submandibular salivary gland is mediated through an adrenergic mechanism and is considered likely to be an exaggerated physiological response. This was interpreted to be not treatment related due to the low incidence. Erosions of the glandular mucosa of the stomach were interpreted to be spontaneous and not related to the test substance treatment.

normal size of prostate in grams

All other histopathologic observations were interpreted to be spontaneous alterations, unassociated with exposure to the test substance.

Histopathological findings: neoplastic:.